Today’s review we offer to conduct a somewhat unusual way - we will talk about free online CRM, identify questions and wait for your comments with answers or suggestions. We are talking about online CRM, which recently began to offer in the market of services for business developers who have long been known in the market of ready-made solutions for business.

First of all, as the title of the article suggests, we are interested in the following - why is online CRM free? What then earn the developers of the system? Secondly, if you read the description of CRM, you can imagine that it is free up to a certain point and if you increase the number of participants in the system, then at some point you will have to pay for it.


Third-the owners of online CRM position their development as the best free CRM, we want to ask our subscribers - and what other free CRM do you know and use it or use it now.

It is possible that some important questions we missed, so we will be glad to your questions in the comments. We look forward to your feedback to continue the discussion!

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